Garmin Offers Limited-Time Customer Loyalty Trade-in Program for GNS, GNS WAAS, CNX, and MX20 Products

Save up to $6,000 by Trading in Your Old Avionics from Now through April 30, 2015!

Garmin is proud to announce a loyalty trade in program for your old GNS, CNX, and MX20 products. For a limited time, trade in a GNS 430/530, GNS 430W/530W, GNS 480, CNX 80, or MX20 and receive a credit toward the purchase of a new GTN 750, GTN 650, or GTN-GTX combo kit.  The Garmin Loyalty Trade-in program will run from now through April 30th, 2015. Credits will range from $1,500 to $6,000, depending on the equipment that is returned to Garmin and the new product(s) being purchased.  Returned equipment must be in serviceable condition. To take advantage of this program, the qualifying GPS or MFD device, along with the associated mounting rack and backplate, must be permanently returned to Garmin. We will facilitate the return of equipment to Garmin for the corresponding credits. This program provides a path for loyal Garmin avionics owners to upgrade to Garmin's latest technology while also receiving a new, standard two year warranty. Now is the perfect time to upgrade the airplane!  The GTN 650 and 750 are fully integrated GPS/FMS/NAV/COM/MFD avionics solutions with industry leading design characteristics, including:
-- Easy to use, high resolution touch-control display
-- Graphical flight planning and system navigation
-- Large fonts and large touch-points to optimize the piloting experience
-- Clean and simple bezel controls with easy to use "Home" and "Direct-To" buttons
-- State-of-the-art system architecture leveraging a HSDB (High-Speed Data Bus) backbone to optimize future growth potential
-- Scalable product design allowing more flexibility to add future options or capabilities
-- Backed by Garmin's award-winning Product Support Team

Innovation is nothing new for Garmin or the GTN 750/650 series. Recent improvements include:
-- Connext compatibility for wireless flight-plan transferring to/from your compatible iPad or mobile device
-- Simplified, single-point database loading (when installed with dual GTNs)
-- FastFind for a quick and logical way to enter waypoints based on your location
-- Airspace altitude overlays displayed on the moving map
-- VHF frequency and station labeling to quickly identify the active and standby frequencies
-- WireAware wire-strike avoidance technology
-- Pilot-definable touch-points/data fields that allow for customer interfaces

GNS 430 non-WAAS Trade-in
Trade in your old GNS 430 non-WAAS (with rack and backplate) and receive $3,000 off the purchase of a new GTN 650  -- $4,000 off the purchase of a new GTN 650 + GTX 33 ES -- $4,000 off the purchase of a new GTN 750  -- $5,000 off the purchase of a new GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. The amount of the trade-in credit for your GNS 430 depends on the new GTN model purchased.

GNS 430W Trade-in
Trade in your old GNS 430W (with rack and backplate) and receive either $4,000 off a new GTN 650  --  $5,000 off a new GTN 650 + GTX 33 ES  --  $5,000 off a GTN 750  --  $6,000 off a GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. The amount of the trade-in credit for your GNS 430W depends on the new GTN model purchased.

GNS non-WAAS 530 Trade-in
Trade in your old GNS 530 non-WAAS (with rack and backplate) and receive $4,000 off a new GTN 750  --  $5,000 off a new GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. The amount of the trade-in credit for your GNS 530 depends on the new GTN model purchased.

GNS 530W Trade-in
Trade in your old GNS 530W (with rack and backplate) and receive $5,000 off a new GTN 750  --  $6,000 off a new GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. The amount of the trade-in credit for your GNS 530W depends on the new GTN model purchased.

CNX 80/GNS 480 Trade-in
Trade in your old CNX 80 or GNS 480 GPS/NAV/COM (with rack and backplate) and receive either $3,000 off a new GTN 650  --  $4,000 off a new GTN 650 + GTX 33 ES  --  $4,000 off a new GTN 750  -- $5,000 off a GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. The amount of the trade-in credit for your CNX 80 or GNS 480 depends on the new GTN model purchased.

MX 20 Trade-in
Trade in your old MX 20 MFD (with rack and backplate) and receive $1,500 off a new GTN 750 model or $2,500 off a new GTN 750 + GTX 33 ES. Also, with the trade-in of a MX 20, you will qualify for a low-cost transfer of your existing ChartView. Existing JeppView subscribers can receive $1,000 off the purchase of a ChartView enablement option for the GTN 750. To qualify for the discount, the Jeppesen site key must be provided upon ordering. The amount of the trade-in credit for your MX 20 depends on the new GTN model purchased.

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We have one Garmin GTN 650 units sitting in a box waiting to go in your airplane.  And we have to get rid of it as soon as possible.  This offer is first come first serve so please take advantage of this offer now!!  For $9,200 plus parts and installation you can have this unit installed in your airplane.  Again this offer only lasts until I sell it.  Otherwise the price goes up to $9,800.  If you have any questions or wish to purchase one of these please contact me at (918) 682-4101 or       



 To learn more about the Lynx please contact Nathan.

TT31 - Mode S and 1090ES ADS-B Out Capable Transponder 


Trig's TT31 transponder is the ideal retro-fit for the popular KT76A and KT78A transponders. The TT31 is a Class 1 transponder which will 'plug and play' straight into the existing tray. This significantly reduces both installation time and cost. It provides pilots with class leading Mode S technology that is also 1090ES ADS-B Out capable too. Our latest upgrade includes TIS traffic enhancements and enables ADS-B Out to be configured using the existing tray. The TT31 is compatible with many popular GPS position sources including Garmin GNS 400W / 500W series navigators and the Trig TN70. This makes installation flexibility the best in class.  To learn more about the TT31 and for pricing, please contact Nathan.

Garmin Lowers Pricing on ADS-B Transponder

Garmin is pleased to offer lower pricing for our GTX series of Mode S transponders, including the ADS-B compliant Extended Squitter (ES) models. This price reduction includes the GTX 330ES panel mounted ADS-B Out transponder, the GTX 330 panel mounted Mode S transponder, and the GTX 33ES remote mount ADS-B Out transponder when combined with a GTN.

The GTX 330 is an IFR certified 250W panel mounted Mode S transponder. The GTX 330ES adds Extended Squitter capability which, when paired with an IFR certified GPS source like the GTN 750 or GTN 650, enables you to become ADS-B compliant. The GTX 33ES Mode S transponder includes all of the same features as the GTX 330ES, but in the form of a remotely mounted device. You can control the functions of the GTX 33ES, including transponder squawk code entry and mode selection, from the display of a GTN 750 or GTN 650. When interfaced to an IFR certified GPS source, both the GTX 33ES and GTX 330ES meet the FAA's ADS-B Mandate, which requires aircraft to be ADS-B Out capable by December 31, 2019. By incorporating the GTX 33ES or GTX 330ES, you can be ADS-B compliant in many areas of the world. The GTX 330ES and GTX 33ES are perfect for aircraft that operate in airspace above FL180. FIS-B weather and TIS-B traffic can be displayed on the GTN series with the addition of a GDL 88 or on an iPad or Android tablet using Garmin Pilot and a GDL 39. Customers who need a WAAS certified IFR position source can save even more by bundling the GTX 33ES with the GTN. Garmin is also offering this lower price on the panel mounted GTX 330 and GTX 330ES. Standalone pricing for the GTX 33ES has not changed. For more information about the ADS-B and the FAA's mandate, please visit Garmin's ADS-B Academy at  To get a quote or pricing, please contact Nathan.




New Packages for Global Weather, Texting, and Calling

Great Promotional Pricing Available when Purchasing a GSR 56 with a G500/G600 or GTN 750/650 Series Product through April 30th, 2015

Garmin is pleased to introduce great new, limited time promotional packages to allow you affordable access to global weather, texting, and calling! Whether you're flying around Europe, Australia (or anywhere), or just trying to stay in touch with those on the ground, these great new packages are the most affordable way to stay connected and get the weather you need to complete your mission. Get equipped today with our GSR 56 satellite link system and our award winning GTN touchscreen navigator products or G500/G600 glass cockpit systems while saving save money in the process.  With Garmin's GSR 56, you can enjoy the safety-enhancing benefits of subscription based datalink weather when operating worldwide. Weather data is requested on demand using the GSR 56 satellite link. Global weather data includes Meteorological Aviation Reports (METARs) that provide current temperature, dew point, precipitation, wind speed and more, as well as Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) that show predicted weather for up to 30 hours in advance. Throughout most of Europe, Canada, Australia, and the U.S., the GSR 56 can also receive high-resolution radar imagery, which displays in full color on the GTN systems and G600/G500 series of displays. A comprehensive listing of available weather coverage and services can be found here. The GSR 56, when used with the GTN navigator, can also be used to provide 2-way text messaging via SMS to any compatible mobile phone or email address along with Position Reporting information to both owners and operators, ultimately increasing safety and situational awareness. You can easily make and take calls while in flight via your aircraft's audio/intercom system.    


Garmin GTN 750 & 650

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Touch and Go

With GTN's revolutionary new touchscreen interface, you're rarely more than 2 taps away from all of the system's primary functions. Quickly pan across the map screen simply by swiping your finger across the 6.9" (GTN 750) or 4.9" (GTN 650) diagonal high resolution TFT display. Or enter waypoint data with the full onscreen keypad. It's even designed with raised grips in the bezel and a shelf across the lower edge of the display that serve as gripping points in both smoother and turbulent flight conditions. Traditional concentric knobs are also available for those who are used to that style of data input. If you have a GNS 430W/530W, your active flight plan automatically crossfills from the GTN to the GNS. You can also manually crossfill user waypoints back and forth between both devices.

Navigate with Ease

The GTN family makes it easier than ever to get where you're going. Graphical flight planning capabilities allow you to preview your entire route on the map screen and easily enter new waypoints or modify existing ones. The system even lets you load Victor and jet airways. A handy "rubber band" feature lets you grab any leg of your flight plan route and move it to accommodate a deviation or ATC amendment to your flight plan. The GTN's also allows you to enter your most recently visited or nearest airports as waypoints and "Direct To" destinations. With high-resolution terrain mapping  including topography features, cities, airports, terminal areas, SUAs and more  and optional Class B TAWS alerting, you'll find your way around the airspace safely and with ease. Built-in Garmin U.S. FliteCharts™ or optional Jeppesen®-style ChartView™ (GTN 700 series only), provides you with geo-referenced approach plates and procedures, while Garmin SafeTaxi® lets you see geo-referenced runways, taxiways, FBOs and hangars available in either the U.S., Europe or Canada.

In IFR conditions, you now have more landing options, as well. The SBAS/WAAS-certified, 15-channel GPS receiver generates five position updates per second, enabling you to fly GPS-guided LPV glidepath instrument approaches down to as low as 200 ft. The system also includes a complete package of VHF navigation capabilities, with a 200-channel VOR/ILS with localizer and glidescope. When you load procedures, the GTN will preload NAV frequencies for you to manually switch to and can auto select the VHF NAV source for ILS approaches. In addition, precise course deviation and roll steering outputs can be coupled to select autopilots so that IFR flight procedures may be flown automatically. This includes all ARINC 424 leg types, except RF legs. (For example, when coupled with a G500/G600 Flight Display, the aircraft can fly fully coupled missed approaches, including heading legs.)

Make Communication a Breeze

A fully certified, 2,280-channel VHF communications transceiver provides a standard 10 W (or optional 16 W) of power output. The system is pilot-selectable to both 25 kHz and 8.33 kHz channel spacing. With the GTN, you can set your standby Com frequency simply by touching the onscreen number pad. Another touch of the screen flip-flops your active and standby frequencies. Recent and favorite user frequencies also are a breeze to access. For added safety, holding down the volume knob will automatically dial in the emergency frequency.

See More than Ever Before

With a wealth of multifunction display capabilities, the GTN brings enhanced situational awareness to your cockpit. With high-resolution terrain mapping � including topography features, cities, airports, terminal areas, SUAs and more � and optional Class B TAWS alerting, you'll find your way around the airspace safely and with ease with Smart Airspace™. Smart Airspace automatically highlights airspace close to your current altitude and de-emphasizes airspace away from the current altitude, which gives you increased situational awareness.

Add Traffic, Weather and More

The dual-link GDL® 88 allows the GTN to display up to 60 ADS-B traffic targets. TargetTrend™ relative motion technology offers pilots a faster, more intuitive way to judge the direction and closure rate of intruding targets in relation to their aircraft's position. And unique SURF technology supports the display of ADS-B-equipped surface targets on Garmin SafeTaxi® airport diagrams � including taxiing aircraft and ground vehicles. The GDL 88 can also receive the FAA's subscription-free FIS-B weather broadcasts that include graphical NEXRAD radar information, as well as NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs and more. Even better the GTN provides the GDL 88 with the WAAS position source required for ADS-B, so a WAAS version of the GDL 88 is not required. And consider adding a Garmin Traffic System to compliment the GDL 88 to provide the best possible traffic coverage from now until 2020.

Couple the system with a GDL® 69 series datalink receiver and you can also receive SiriusXM® weather and radio (subscriptions required). An optional GSR 56 can provide World Wide Weather data virtually anywhere on the globe, as well as the ability to make and receive phone calls and send and receive texts messages while in the air. You can also collect and display your own weather data with an onboard weather radar � such as the solid state and Doppler-capable GWX™ 70 with it's optional turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression features, or a wide range of other third-party systems.

The GTN 750 can control the GMA 35 remote audio panel with SD Audio, Telligence™ Voice Control, clearance recorder, advanced auto squelch and more. The GTN's can control a GTX™ 33 remote transponder. When installed together, this setup could save you up to 3" of panel space versus a typical GNS 430/530 install.

GTN 750 List $16,900 Sale: $14,500
GTN 650 List $11,400 Sale: $9,800
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